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Choose Your Meat

Pulled Pork Burger

Tender pulled pork cooked with BBQ sauce, honey and caramelised onions, served with coleslaw.10.95


Our beef burgers are homemade with pure scotch angus beef and weigh in at 8oz pre-cooked.8.95


Whole breast of chargrilled chicken, choose from plain or cajun spices.9.95


All of our wild burgers are homemade and weigh in at 8oz pre-cooked.
Buffalo12.92Wagyu15.95Wild Boar & Stilton12.92

For You Veggies

Happy Cow Burger

A combination of fresh vegetables, goats cheese and potato.8.95

Time For Toppings

All of our burgers are served with lettuce & tomato.

Smoked Bacon1.25Jalapeno Peppers0.75Spicy Salsa
Chorizo1.25Mature Cheddar0.75Mayo
Mushrooms1.25Blue Cheese0.95
Fried Onions0.50Pulled Pork2.75
Dill Pickle0.50Fire Cracker Sauce
Onion Rings1.25BBQ Sauce

Up For A Challenge?

Madisons Waistbuster

Two 8oz burgers served with tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise.14.95

Atomic Fallout Burger

Our homemade beef burger with reaper, naga & scotch bonnet chillies with habanero sauce12.95

OMG Burger!

Are you brave enough to handle our gigantic burger? 2 x 8oz Angus beef burgers and a whole chicken breast layered with mushrooms, cheese, bacon, onion rings, lettuce, mayonnaise, tomato and dill pickle. An 8 inch monster of a burger. Free cocktail if you eat the whole meal or take the OMG challenge! Please ask your server for details.19.95

Big Bad Wolf

This little piggy will make you huff & puff & blow your nose. A mean mix of our famous hickory sauce, habanero, naga, reaper & scotch bonnet chillies with pulled pork.12.95

All our burgers come with a choice of french fries, jacket potato or salad.

Coleslaw2.45Onion rings2.95Mixed salad2.95
Garlic bread3.45Cheesy Garlic Bread4.25French fries2.95
Sweet Potato Fries3.95

This menu may be subject to changes